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Arizona Box Lacrosse AZBOXLA is sanctioned USBOXLA organization
Mt Pointe vs NDP D2
Mt Pointe vs NDP D2 Big D2 lacrosse
Chaparral vs Gilbert
Chaparral vs Gilbert Chaparral Firebirds win over Gilbert
Vegas Box Invitational
First Annual Vegas Box Invitational Lacrosse Force, Las
Vegas Tournament Prep
Team Zona Prepares for The Vegas Box Invitaional

It's time to play lacrosse

Grow The Game in Arizona.
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AZ Hot Sauce Lacrosse

The Hot Sauce travel program is designed to take players of all ages and to be competitive at each level with the goal of winning the most games while improving the level of play of each individual player.

Arizona Box Lacrosse

AZ Box Lacrosse is based upon a tradition of excellence within the game of lacrosse and is dedicated towards the athletic and personal development of the next generation of players. All League games are sanctioned by The US Box Lacrosse Association.

Grow the Game in AZ

Our goal is to connect local players, families and teams to create better student athletes in our area. Lacrosse is a true family and community bound sport.

chandler lacrosse

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Not only is lacrosse the fastest growing sport in America, it is exploding in Arizona. Contact The Arizona Lacrosse League or Arizona Youth Lacrosse to see how you can get involved.

Its Time to play LAcrosse

The speed of the game and all the basic skills you gain through lacrosse will improve your skills in other sports. Lacrosse is so versatile that you train the whole body and all your abilities.

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